Sergey Cherechen: «There is no need being afraid of everything»

A successful businessman with clear principles and at the same time a leader of non-governmental organization with a mature civic position is a phenomenon for us, frankly speaking, not the most common. In addition to this, the owner also of non-traditional personal qualities for today. The name of this man is Sergey CHERECHEN.

Last year in December he supported crowd campaign of «BelGazeta» who got the heads of government officials in the game and who declared rather lusciously: “It is doesn’t really matter how much money you will gather in the framework of this crowd campaign. We must live with turned on brains! This is a very important message to people - to all around, and not only to government officials. The actions that we do must be well-considered. And if they touch not only us, but the other people - we should think not only about ourselves. There should be always a head on the shoulders, kindness in heart and awareness of responsibility for your actions”.


From the very beginning, Sergey Cherechen asked anonymity to his statements. And agreed to reveal his name in a month during an interview with him. Though, these are the words worth to be stood by every letter: “I supported your project by getting the heads in the game, because I think it is very important and necessary for our whole country. This is a long and difficult path - from a deep protracted hibernation into a state of spirit courage and clarity of mind. But you are moving in the right direction, and people around are given an opportunity to see, evaluate, join”.

The request of a modest businessman was also quite nontrivial and noble: “What I would like to ask you, may seem strange to you, but it seems to me that you will support my request. The lot that I purchased within the framework of your crowd campaign includes a holiday visit of “BelGazeta” employees in costumes of Santa Claus and the snow maiden Snegurochka. And I ask you, with an equally joyful mood to visit an establishment where children live without parents. This will be more useful than inviting you to our corporate New Year’s event. Let’s make children. They really need occasions for smiles, fun and laugh. Let them believe in miracles”.

According to the opinion of Sergey, “for our society this is a large problem - the issue of help to the others, the issue of charity, the issue of participation in this state. And as far as I can see, there are a lot of people who live in their small world, not thinking about anything, except their basic needs. People do not have real values. But this is one of the key characteristics of healthy society in any developed state”


According to the acknowledgement of businessman, he always had an interest in public life and political events: “I was interested in that since the teenage and student days. I was engaged into the development and promotion of public initiatives, including social orientation. All my conscious life anyway is connected with an active participation in social and political life. In addition, at the moment, having for this opportunities, I am the head of the republican non-governmental organization “Diplomacy”. I have goals, desires, comprehension where to move and what to do”. Hence the interest to the elections into the local council of deputies: “Yes, I participated in this campaign. Honestly, I hardly imagine how local councils of deputies function in our country, but it was important for me to look at the situation from the inside. I didn’t have the task to become a deputy, but I got the necessary experience and an important knowledge”.

“I was not even registered as a candidate. And I was not registered on the basis, which was not reasoned, - Sergey Cherechen is sincerely surprised. - How could they conduct the examination of signatures so quickly and what is most important - without the necessary materials? This is a real absurd. By three letters and in half an hour there are no examinations conducted”.

“The main conclusion for me, - calalmly argues a void candidate, - is that the attitude to citizens from the side of government authorities is extremely wrong. I have already prepared the appeals into the appropriate instances and intended to seek legitimacy and justice. In such situations, people should always break up, and not act in accordance with some obscure rules. I want to achieve at least human attitude. We should talk with comprehension that each of us has absolutely the same rights on anything”.


Speaking about his plans and hopes for the future, Sergey Cherechen decided to devote attention to the campaign of “BelGazeta” under the name “GET BRAINS INTO THE GAME”:I would like that people who behave inadequately, ultimately got brains into the game. There are so many people around who live completely contrary to the moral principles, ethical norms, without any slightest idea of honesty and justice. And it makes me depressed. I wish these people start thinking about what they do every day. The question is not just about government officials, but about specific people. In reality it deals each of us, about each of the citizens of the country. We are able to make our country better, stronger and more rich only if we get our brains into the game”.

Observations of the moods in the society, Sergey, also figured out not the most optimistic: “It is obvious that people has apathy to everything what happens around. Citizens don’t have any interest in the elections. It is good if the question is interesting, well, at least to one person from twenty. This is maximum. It’s terrible to observe how much apathy people have, how much indifference and disinterest they have. But I believe in the emerging opportunities, that people with an active position will be able to catch the initiative. I hope that such people will unite together and express their civic position in more accented and effective way. We need different points of view and conditions where these alternative points of view can sound equally, with the same chances to be heard”.


The main occupation of Sergey, as he tells by himself is, “the agricultural business”: “We are engaged into servicing agricultural equipment, supplying equipment and spare parts”. He does not see a connection between his professional activities and public initiatives, but he admits that when it comes to freedom, this also deals the business: “Of course, everything is interconnected. And personally, I know that in our country there are people who are able to make changes in various spheres, including business. I would like to see the union of such people who are truly interested in well-being and development of the whole country”.

“The main brake in our country that can be found everywhere is fear,” Sergey Cherechen is sure. - Government officials and public workers are afraid of losing their seats. People are afraid of government officials and public workers. Everyone is afraid of losing something of his own, but everyone is concerned about the sense of danger. There is no stability in fact, there is no confidence in future, there are no prerequisites for improving the situation, keeping the status quo. Everyone understands that changes have already matured, that new transformations and new initiatives are needed, but people are afraid of the unknown, are afraid of the uncertainty, are afraid of losing their usual place of work and their usual way of life. We all need to get rid of fear, the fear of everything around, we should stop being afraid of everything. Everyone by his own and all together. This is the main condition for making changes on the country scale”.


- Last week, Sergey Cherechen spent “about 200BYN, mainly for tea, coffee, food”.
- Recently the main purchase “can be named something the new from technologies, for example, Samsung Note 8 for the 1800BYN”.
- There were no impressions, surprises and disappointments, because “I have been calm about everything long time ago”.
- He is waiting for "the achievement of set goals”
- He couldn’t live “without family, honesty and justice”.