Sergey Cherechen was elected as the council chairman in non-governmental organization “Diplomacy”

The meeting of all the members of Belarusian Republican Non-governmental Organization was held last Saturday in Minsk, reports SPEKTR.BY.

The Belarusian Republican Non-governmental Organization “Diplomacy” has been operating since February 1993 (before the renaming it was known as ROA “Public Diplomacy”). It is a non-commercial, socio-political organization created on the basis of common interests of Belarus citizens. What are the main purposes of the members in the organization? The purposes and objectives are clearly outlined in the organization charter.

One of the main purposes is unification of Belarus citizens on the basis of priority of national interests, patriotic, moral and spiritual values of Belarusian nation, cultural traditions, a common understanding of its historical destiny and intention to keep the sovereignty and independence of the state. Also, the BRNGO "Diplomacy" sets itself the purpose of establishing integration processes in the economic, political and social spheres with friendly states.

Popularization of Belarusian culture in the world community. In the economics sphere the main purpose is consolidation of favorable investment climate in the country, attracting of investments in various branches of the state.

Before the beginning of the meeting, all the participants of the meeting discussed the important issues in an informal atmosphere. This day, there met not only the current members of the organization, but also those who wished to join it. At the official part of the meeting, new people from all the regions of Belarus joined the organization.

One of the main issues on the agenda was the election of the council chairman of the organization. For this position was nominated Sergey Vladimirovich Cherechen.

Sergey Cherechen was born in Krichev city. In childhood, he moved with his parents to Mogilev, where he lived until he was 18 years old. After graduation from the Mogilev regional lyceum 3, he entered the daily budget of the BSUIR. In 2008 he has been successfully graduated from the University and worked for two years by distribution. Now the main activity is business. Along with this, Sergey is also involved into social activities.

- I want to make contribute into the development of Belarus, help my country to take the right steps on the road to welfare, - outlined Sergey Vladimirovich. - We will make constructive proposals for the benefit of our country. I think it is important that the issues should be resolved not on behalf of a person, but on behalf of the cooperation of individuals, because that is how we can communicate our questions and suggestions to the leadership of the country. On behalf of organization it is easier to have a dialogue with the legislative and executive authorities. I think we will succeed. If there are questions that we can solve, we will do everything that is within our power.

By an anonymous resolution he was elected as the head of the Belarusian Republican Non-governmental Organization “Diplomacy”.

On the meeting, the other issues were also considered and resolved. Each of the participants had the opportunity to express his wishes and suggestions about the activities of the organization, as well as ask important questions. After the event, the members of the “Diplomacy” didn’t hurry to go away, they continued to communicate and share with each other their thoughts about the present and future state of our country.

The honorary members of the “Diplomacy” - the Belarusian composer, People’s Artist of the USSR Igor Luchenok, as well as the member of the Writers’ Association, honored culture figure of Belarus, the veteran of the Armed Forces, aviation major-general Anatoly Sulianov - have been in “Diplomacy” since 1993. By an objective reasons, they couldn’t attend the meeting, but confirmed their membership in the organization. They were given flowers and certificates for their contribution to the development of the organization and an active life position.

By the way, “Diplomacy” consists of the representatives of all the regions of Belarus. They are people of different ages and professions, united by one thing: each of them would like to see our country developing, prospering and wishes to make the life here better and better.