10 silly questions to Sergey Cherechen

- After the 7th congress of BSDH all the mass media of Belarus wrote about you. What do your friends and family think about this press attention? How do the others perceive Your development (work, changes)?

It is difficult to say. It seems that my personal environment has started to take a closer look in Belarusian way, in order to understand whether to take the new situation seriously, or it's not worth it. This is just normal – as most citizens of the Republic of Belarus, most of my close people are nonpolitical, and the news about politics interesting to them from time to time, when something really important happens. In this regard, I understand that I was lucky that my environment is a good reference group, reflecting our national character. But as for my colleagues in the party, of course, we all read the news tapes with large interest, and we find out a lot of new things – about the party and my personality as well.

- In mass media there is information that you are a communist. Are you really close to the idea of communism? And if it is true what they write in mass media, then there is a question: on will you bring flowers to the monument of Lenin, on November 7?

I like the idea of justice. And it seems to me that in the modern world, real functioning parties will not differ much from each other: voters, at least in Belarus, are not as so much polarized as they were a hundred years ago. According to this, the ways of establishing justice, declared by the parties, became much closer. I got into the communist party, proceeding from the expectations, that it is a vibrant and actively functioning structure. Unfortunately, these expectations, let’s say, turned out to be greatly overestimated: an inertial scenario there remains dominant. But today BSDH is not tied by such restrictions, and has all chances to become a party not only for itself, but also for the voter.

- You are a business man. You really know how to make money. And plus politics... Do you have a desire to send everything to the “devil’s grandmother” and start something completely new? Or maybe something different?

On the contrary, I have a desire to take everything in the hands of a single person, giving the issue the sense: because politics is the space where are created the rules of the game and life for business, as well as where are determined an important and unimportant on the scale of our entire nation. Therefore, on the first place – is the awareness of the necessity to move forward and develop extensively, developing both ourselves and our country. I clearly understand that in modern world without the initiative there is no changes. And if during many years I kept watching for the policy from the outside, took a closer look, now I want to show by my example how I can work and get results.

- You are a very calm person with steel nerves. What can make you mad?

It is difficult to make mad any Belarusian and I’m not an exception. In reality, external calmness doesn’t mean that you don’t feel nervous and don’t get irritated - you just know that emotions usually don’t help. Injustice can make you mad, when it is fragrant, hard, when you feel your disability in relation to the situation when you understand that you can do nothing concrete here and now, also irritates the disability of people to listen and hear the others...It seems that everything is usual as for me and as for most other people.

- Please tell us about your lifestyle. Do you work every day? When does your work day start and over? Do you go in for sports? What kind of sport? (tennis, swimming pool, etc.)

My day, as a rule, has a pretty tight schedule - I usually leave the house at 8.30 and can finish the issues closer to midnight. Unfortunately, there is almost no time left for sports, though I do not lose hope to find it somehow. Well, on the weekend I have “dad days”, there are no issues, and I enjoy spending time with my family.

- About tastes and culture. Do you like classical music (ballet, opera, classical music). What are you listening to? Do you like to listen to someone from the local show-business (for example Solodukha, Siyabry, Pesnyary...) and what kind of music do you listen to in your car/at home in order to relax.

I’m probably not a music lover - I like what can “catch you up” at the moment, and it can be classics, and Pesnyary, and Freddie Mercury, and anyone else. In my car I usually listen to the radio, and pretty quickly find something that matches the mood “here and now”. But the work process usually takes place without music, I probably enjoy the process itself, and I do not really need any additional motives. At least for today.

- Let’s play in Posner. At the end of the interview he asks you, «so what would you say if you were in front of God». I will ask you too... «So what would you say if you were in front of Lukashenka?»

I hope that he will start the first and will say: “Good afternoon, Sergey Vladimirovich. I heard a lot about your success” )))

- It is known that in life you should try everything. Are there things you will never try?

Trying everything – is a dangerous philosophy and you can’t name it philosophy: it is the psychology of a person who can never be satisfied with anything. I do not belong to such people. I try to do what I like, what I want, and what will give benefit not only to me, but also to those people who are around me. In other words, I need a result that will give at least moral satisfaction.

- What would you do in the last day of your life?

The last day of my life I would spend with my relatives and beloved.

-Where you do feel lack of courage?

I have enough courage. As our mass media wrote, I have an ability to take the risk and everything is all right with that. What is important that it should be always combined with common sense, which determines the rationality and the sense of risk. So, it's reasonable to think not only about yourself, but about the human environment where you can be realized, it is reasonable to think not only about today, but also about tomorrow. Thus, for the sake of it, it is possible and it is necessary to take risk. For example, making a decision to implement in your home country a party project - which, I hope, will be successful in achieving the declared common goals.

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